I am Vagabond

        .. and Travel is not a choice.

Local to Los Angeles, California, I have been traveling across America, Europe and Asia.

My life has been a tale of two passions - Travel and Photography.

Having been to more than 50 National Parks and Monuments, I started showcasing some of my work at NationalParksImages.org

Currently, I have been focussing on combining my Travels and my Photography via various blogs under IamVagabond.com

My first photo exhibition was in Los Gatos, CA and below is my artist statement:

A beautiful tree, a pretty face, a gorgeous landscape - all worth the attention and love. Yet I choose to look closer to find that broken branch with intricate patterns of chipped wood, those mesmerizing eyes with so much unsaid, that petite rock squeezed between giant boulders as if holding them in place together.
The part sometimes can be more eloquent than the whole. More often than not I try to take a second look and discover a part which is indeed 'extraordinary', 'appealing' and 'unique' and when I do, that makes the subject of my photography.
My interest in photography started when I was just a kid and got hold of a bulky b/w point-and-shoot camera.
Over the following years, I have tried to capture what captures my attention. Sometimes I try to look and find things, other times they just happen to be waiting there to be found.

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